DumpDoge is a super hyper deflation DEFI meme token on BSC. Its mission is to help animals who lack braincells.


Hi Y'all, you don’t know me yet but let me just put out the simplenomics as my mama told me I should.


My dev told me that I should take 3% on each buy and reward all my new owners proportionately and 3% to run my operations. They said that this is probably the lowest fee in DEFI land.


If you don’t believe in me and my friends, then according to my Mama and my agent, I should charge something higher here so here it is, dump and simple: 3% distribution to all owners of DumpDoge, 4% buyback and burn - I don’t know how that works, please don’t ask me - and 3% for my Marketing team to keep pushing me out there.

Locked Liquidity Pool
Privates Sales

Apparently, I need to burn 50% to make this token “hyper” deflationary. Back then, to get hyper, we just doged in…white Santa!

About Me

First and foremost, I’m unrelated to the DOGE family that everyone is talking about, and it seems like all their family members are coming on stage at once.

My stage name is Lala Doge, as in an accidental doge of you-know-what while I was stripping in LA - I’m in Vegas now, btw - still stripping but mostly via live video now because of this Covid thing - sorry, said too much? Anyways, I do dump things on stage and off stage so my friends call me DumpDoge.

So here I am, doing another DumpDoge thing by launching this token. But you know what? This girl is gonna take the word Dump and make it into Pump in no time, and then everyone will be calling me PumpDoge.

I like to pump. Please help! Just 10 minutes of Pump a day is all a DumpDoge needs!

Staying Clean

A whole lot of Doge-in happened in my past. I got help. I stay clean now - no more Doge-in. I want to help others like me and send them help. Together, we can stay clean from Doge-in. Most of the proceeds the community gathers here and puts in a fund I promise will go to charities that help DumpDoges like me get clean.


  • I don’t know what I will be doing tonight let alone doing a roadmap so bear with me.
  • First, I pay for someone to develop a website, a simple token and prepare for launch.
  • Second, that someone I paid for should totally be launching stuff, right...right???
  • Third, please support me as a community: we’re beautiful don’t hate us - help with our various marketing shills and deals.
  • Fourth, get listed wherever we can.
  • Fifth, win over as many lovers of DumpDoge as we can.
  • Sixth, I’d like to have 10k members watching me dance from a Las Vegas showroom.
  • Seventh….I don’t know yet, but it’s going to be good!

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